October 2007 Tablet PC Sharing Session

Laguna Beach Unified School District

Facilitator: Mark Wagner


Welcome Activity (15 min)
  • Share your favorite start of school story (especially if it involves a Tablet PC).

Capture5.jpg Tablet PC BINGO (30 min)
  • Step One: Answer the guiding questions.
  • Step Two: Download and open the Tablet Bingo Card.
  • Step Three: Mingle. Jot down a colleague's name in a Bingo square if they can offer the appropriate information. Fill your card as much as possible in the time allotted.
  • Step Four: Names will be called. Mark the appropriate Bingo square if the name called is present on your card.
  • Step Five: If you achieve "BINGO" you must share who is on your card and in what category. They will each share their answer to the appropriate guiding question.

Large Group Sharing... using Thinkature.com or wiki (30 min)

Form User Groups (Time Permitting)
  • Based on Tablet Bingo and Large Group Sharing, identify a topic you'd like to work on or learn more about.
  • Find two or three colleagues who would like to explore or share about the same topic.

Reflection Activity and Evaluation (15 min)
  • Based on today's discussions, what do you most want to do try with the Tablet PC in the next month?

Online Evaluation

See also the 78 minute streaming video archive of the session.