Introduction to Tablet PC in Education & The Best of Tablet PC Tools

May 20, 2008 and May 22, 2008
Facilitator: Mark Wagner

Introduction to Tablet PC in Education (Day 1)


Welcome and Introductions

Overview of The Tablet PC in Education

Overview of the HP Compaq tc4400 (Or the 2710p)

Tablet Features
  • Opening The Tablet PC
  • Turning on The Tablet PC
  • Using The Trackpad (You May Have No Trackpad)
  • 2710p.jpgUsing The Pointing Stick
  • Swiveling The Screen
  • Undocking/docking The Stylus
  • Using The Right Mouse Button on The Stylus
  • Opening Programs With The Stylus
  • Using The Input Panel
  • Charging The Battery
  • Using The External CD (And/Or The Docking Station)
  • Basic Care

  • Ink Annotations (in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint)
  • Ink to Text (in Windows Journal)

  • Create a Page
  • Type or Write Notes
  • Add Text or Graphics
  • Add Files From Other Office Programs
  • Move Text
  • Move a Page
  • Add Flags to Your Notes
  • Find a Note
  • Sharing Notes
  • Publish Notes (to html or Word)
  • Print to OneNote (Part of the Education Pack Below)
  • OneNote in The Classroom...

Connecting The Tablet to Peripherals
  • Projectors, Speakers, and Microphones
  • USB Connections: Printers, Cameras, etc.
  • Others

Getting Data On And Off The Tablet
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Removable CD/DVD Drives
  • Uploading to the Web or District Servers

Teacher Use of The Tablet
  • Rubrics
  • Behavior Logs
  • Annotating and Grading Papers
  • Classroom Management (Notes)
  • The Internet in Your Hands
  • Ink Desktop
  • Brainstorm...

The Best of Tablet PC Tools (Day 2)

Microsoft Education Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • Install the Education Pack
  • Demo Video
  • Explore Education Pack
  • Equation Writer*
  • GoBinder Lite
  • Hexic Deluxe
  • Ink Flash Cards*
  • Send to OneNote 2003*

Microsoft Experience Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • Install the Experience Pack
  • Demo Video
  • Energy Blue
  • Ink Art*
  • Ink Crossword
  • Ink Desktop*
  • Media Transfer
  • Snipping Tool*

Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office (Time Permitting)
  • Install Learning Essentials for for Microsoft Office
  • Demo Video
  • Word Tools
    • Test and Quiz Tools
    • Report Tools
    • Math and Science Tools
    • Math Symbols
    • French, Spanish, and German Tools
  • PPT Tools
    • Presentation Tools
  • Excel (No New Tools)
  • Project Assistance
  • Start Learning Essentials

Annotate and Share Any File

Record and Share Your Annotations Online!
  • Jing - for screen shots and screencasting!
  • Sketchcast - for "sketchcasting" online.

And More...

Other Great Windows Programs
  • Download SMARTboard software tools here. (No SMARTboard required.)*
  • Download GIMPshop, a free and open source replacement for photoshop, here.
  • Power Toys for Windows XP

And there's more to come... explore the links to the left for two years worth of workshops!


Reflection and Evaluation

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