These are previous ideas for future workshops (Archived 06/05/07):

Here are some ideas Mark and Dave tossed around while planning for the first session:
  • Controlling the Tablet PC via Voice
  • Using Windows Journal for Presentations
  • PowerPoint with Tablet PC*
  • Microsoft Education Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • RitePen, which Dave recommends, or any of these other downloads.

UPDATE 11/22/2006: Please complete the Progress and Needs Survey #1 prior to Sharring Session #1 on 11/29.

UPDATE 12/7/06 - We are going to be taking a field trip to the Lemon Grove School District. They are using a variant of the Tablet PC in a 1-to-1 environment, and I think it would be great for us to see it in action. However, before I approach the schools about our visit, I need to know when we'd like to go. What dates, or days of the week, would be optimal for a field trip to the Lemon Grove School District? Anticipate a full day out of the classroom.

Victor - Monday's and Friday's are my best (most available) days. Days at the end of the month are typically better than the start, and therefore I'd prefer something like February 16th, 2007.

Alonda - Any day except Thur (this is the only block day I have w/ my AP bio kids) but I'm flexible, Feb. 16th sounds fine. Having the trip as early as possible is a good idea- end of yr crunchtime is stressful especially April and May.

Andy - Mondays - Wednesdays are definately better than block days...otherwise it's like missing two days. Feb 16th sounds good.

Parta - I agree on block day being not so good. Feb 16th works for me.

Randi B. - Mon, Tu, or Wed. are best for me! I think Feb. 28th would be's after ski week, it's a Wed. (non-block day). I'm anxious to see LGSD and would like to go sooner rather than later. (MW: Note, the 28th is day before the CUE conference begins. It might be a long week away from class for anyone that is going to the conference, too.)

Linda E. - because of blockscheduling Thursday or Friday are best for me. Jan. 10th is out for me. Grades are due Jan. 29th, so the week before is not good

Jun - I would also like to avoid block days. Otherwise, no preferances.