December 2007 Tablet PC Sharing Session

Laguna Beach Unified School District

Facilitator: Mark Wagner


Welcome Activity (~30 min)
  • What was your goal at the end of the last sharing session (if any)?
  • What have you accomplished with - or learned about - the Tablet PC since then?
  • Have you encountered any new obstacles?

Something Fun to Play With:

Hardware to Want:

tabletguitar.jpgSuperlatives Activity (~30 min)
  • Each of you (or each pair, depending on attendance) will select one of the following "superlatives": What is (or was) the [BLANK] thing about using a Tablet PC (in education)?
    • most amazing
    • most amusing
    • most confusing
    • most controversial
    • most difficult
    • most disappointing
    • most powerful
    • most promising
    • most surprising
    • Another superlative of your choice...
  • Reflect and recall a story related to your superlative. If possible, focus on new things you have learned or experienced - but reflecting on your early experiences will be effective as well.
  • Share. :)

Form User Groups (~20 min)
  • Based on the discussion above, consider a tool, application, or issue you'd like to learn more about.
  • Find two or three colleagues who would like to explore or share about the same topic.
  • Share... and make plans to continue sharing throughout the month.
  • Each user group will share with the whole group next month.

Reflection Activity and Evaluation (~10 min)
  • The most important thing I learned to day was [BLANK]
  • One thing I'd like to try with my Tablet PC before our next meeting is [BLANK], and my next steps are...
  • Online Evaluation


Image Source: António Lopes' photostream