Tablet PCs for Checkout: A Brief Introduction to Tablet PCs & Checkout Procedures

October 2 or 9, 2007
Facilitator: Mark Wagner

tabletkid2.jpg Welcome and Introductions

Overview of The Tablet PC in Education

Tablet PC Features
  • Opening The Tablet PC
  • Turning on The Tablet PC
  • Using The Trackpad
  • Using The Pointing Stick (If Applicable)
  • Swiveling The Screen
  • Undocking/docking The Stylus
  • Using The "Right Mouse Button" on The Stylus
  • Opening Programs With The Stylus
  • Using The Input Panel
  • Basic Care
    • Theft, Loss, and Damage
    • Charging the Battery
  • Connecting The Tablet to Peripherals
    • Projectors, Speakers, and Microphones
    • USB Connections: Printers, Cameras, etc.
    • Others
  • Getting Data On And Off The Tablet
    • USB Flash Drives
    • CD/DVD Drives
    • Uploading to the Web or District Servers

  • Ink Annotations (in Microsoft Office) - Demo Document to Annotate:
  • Ink to Text (in Windows Journal)
  • Handwriting in The Classroom

  • Create a Page
  • Type or Write Notes
  • Add Text or Graphics
  • Add Files From Other Office Programs
  • Move Text
  • Move a Page
  • Add Flags to Your Notes
  • Find a Note / Search Notes
  • Sharing Notes
  • Publish to Word
  • OneNote in The Classroom

Microsoft Education Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • Equation Writer*
  • GoBinder Lite
  • Hexic Deluxe
  • Ink Flash Cards*
  • Send to OneNote 2003

Microsoft Experience Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
  • Energy Blue
  • Ink Art*
  • Ink Crossword
  • Ink Desktop*
  • Media Transfer
  • Snipping Tool*

Time Permitting
  • Primo PDF - Print anything to a pdf format file. (Use with the Tablet PC program PDF Annotator* for maximum functionality!)
  • And there's more... explore the links to the left for the 2006-2007 workshops!

Checkout Procedures

Reflection and Evaluation

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