Tablet Sharing Session: Sketchcasting and More...


  • In what way(s) do you (or can you) share your sketches from your Tablet to others?
  • Or, what would you do if you could share your sketches?


  • Recording a sketchcast
  • Sharing a sketchcast
  • Embedding a sketchcast


  • Create an account at
  • Try your hand at sketchcasting
    • The Pen
    • The Eraser
    • Colors
    • Text
  • Create a sketchcast for your students
  • Share the sketchast
  • Optional: link to the sketchcast or embed it in your blog or wiki

Samples (From Workshop Attendees)

Additional Sharing

  • We also reviewed the Jing Project for those who hadn't seen it yet. This allows you to "screencast" any application or website on your computer, complete with narration. Try using the Snipping Tool to annotate any site while recording with Jing!
  • We also talked about using ZiPhone to unlock an iPhone or iPod Touch to allow hundreds of new applications with surprising educational value!
  • The iPhone was displayed using an AVerMedia document camera (the AVerMedia AVerVision 300AF+). We looked at how the AVerVision software could be used to annotate the video, take snapshots, or even record video.

Reflection (On Sketchcasting and Sharing)

  • How will you use the things you learned today?
  • How can your students use the things you learned today?
  • What else do you still want to learn about that was discussed today?