Best Practices

This pilot group will meet monthly. Every other meeting will be a formal training session. The remaining meetings will be facilitated sessions for sharing best practices. Please use this page between sessions to share best practices using the Tablet PC in education.

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Blogs and the Tablet PC: a cool combo.- had to share..
My AP bio kids completed their DNA fingerprinting lab and were measuring the band patterns. Long story short we chose the best data to be used for graphing. I had that group quickly put their measurements onto my sloppy but quickly generated chart written on a PPT slide using the tablet PC. My goal was to have their results projected so others could copy - no such luck as LCD was not cooperating so... I quickly posted it to the class blog so we could head over to the library to get going on some research. The tablet/edblog combo saved educational time and the student data is there when my students want and need to access it. Pretty cool (next yr I'll have a neater chart template ready to go...).